Tumblr – a flexible content generator

Tumblr is a blog service, which is hosting more than 100 million blogs today. However, it is  a  little different from standard blog sites as WordPress.com. It is easy to post photos or movies on Tumblr, although it does not have as rich tools to manage multiple posts as WordPress. Tumblr is also sometimes called as “microblog” tool like Twitter since it has a concept of “follow” and “Retweet (Reblog)”.  However, the contents can be rich contents including photos, movies, etc, which is different from Twitter. Also some people compare Tumblr with social bookmark sites such delicious, since archiving sites is pretty easy with Tumblr.

From my perspective, Tumblr could be called as “social content generator”, which let users  create and share contents very easily. Although Tumblr is different from Twitter, WordPress, or Pinterest, but can be used as if it is Twitter, WordPress, or Pinterest. There are also multiple tools to store and share contents on other sites in one click so that users can archive contents on other sites in their Tumblr site very easily.

I believe Tumblr is a unique tool in social media. I know a few (or many) sites similar to Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, or other famous services, but I don’t know another site which has a concept similar to Tumblr. This is an easy tool to follow interesting sites, gather contents, and publish own site.

There are some examples using Tumblr as its host.

http://lizdevine.tumblr.com/ – a site by photographer

http://nbcnews.tumblr.com/ – NBC news. This site is trying to lead readers of this Tumblr site to its original site.

http://status.twitter.com/  – This is an interesting one. Twitter has an official site to update the service status, hosted by Tumblr.

The problem of Tumblr is that it is sometimes very confusing and hard to use because of its flexibility.  One of examples is its dashboard. The dashboard shows all of your posts and posts of sites you are following, like the timeline of Twitter. However, if a user wanted to use it a pure blog tool or content archiver, that function would not make sense. Another example is multiple buttons  on the home page to share contents such as Movie, quote, and so on. However, if a user wanted to use the tumblr as a tool to follow other sites, those buttons are useless.

A news source said Tumblr finally will expect to make its first annual profit this year.



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