One size fits all? Not for Brooks!

Image“One size fits all” maybe a formula about anything but certainly not about Brooks Sports, a local Bothell company. I think they better than anyone else understand that customers come not only in different sizes but their interests and needs vary, and therefore Brooks uses the best media tools such as Votigo Platform in reaching their diverse customer base and customizing their marketing campaigns through Facebook and other social media channels. Particularly, I want to mention Social Conversation Manager that allows scheduling and post updates, photos and links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from your Votigo dashboard, and it recently integrated with Goodle+. Votigo social marketing includes the following steps: pre-cultivate your audience, build a great promotion, seed the message and follow through. The tool also allows you to measure effectiveness of your marketing or sales campaign and repeat it, if successful.

We all can get irritated by advertisement spam, and yet at the same time we spend substantial time shopping online or in the store. I am one of these folks, like most of the Brooks customers, who adhere to active lifestyle, technology-savvy and who value the time. When a store delivers information that I need at the right time in the right setting and via the right channel, I embrace it and I will share it with my friends. Rather than asking a sales person, I like to hear from other people how they like new running shoes before investing my time going into the store and taking my own risk in trying them. I can find these discussions on Facebook,  Brooks blog page and many other pages that are certainly not just about the shoes. In fact, we all enjoy reading about the runs and events, watching photos and sharing our emotions. The problem is not lack of information. It is the opposite: too much information and too many channels that deliver it. The challenge for retailer is delivering the right information to the right potential buyer. The challenge for the buyer is to filter the right information through all the media noise and fish out the right choice with the minimal effort.

When it comes to Brooks Running, I think there are beating all their competitors in regards to social media providing the best brand reach and quality of service. The way they interact with customers makes us feel special, and when Brooks listens back from us using social media channels, it helps the company in staying on top with their product development. Social media is where we share what we like or do not like with our friends and friends’ friends and just complete strangers. When done right, the social media delivers marketing in a noninvasive way, provides potential buyers with a great set of options and learning tools. When we like it, we naturally become free marketers for the company that treats us individually and with respect.

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