Eddie Bauer: lessons on Facebook and Twitter

Eddie Bauer has just over 8,000 twitter followers but over 130,000 likes on Facebook with 2,700 people talking about it.
Why the large difference? My guess is that its related to the content, Eddie Bauer’s tweets are 99% Facebook links. They seem to just be using twitter to push Facebook content. In short they are doing it wrong. On the other hand their Facebook page looks great.
On Facebook every post is generating user comments and likes. They are posting four to five times per day. Almost every post includes a picture which makes for a visually interesting page. Eddie Bauer is also sharing and asking questions to create dialog between users on their page.
A post from today was “What adventure did you tackle this weekend in ten words or less? Bonus points for epic locations or gripping stories…” It garnered 11 responses in about 30 minutes some with photos.
Their twitter page however is just intros to Facebook links and looks rather dead. Most of their posts have no further activity, about a third have a single re-tweet and I only saw two that had an actual reply form anyone.



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