Reeling in fans with Big Fish Games

When all of your games are on mobile devices and Facebook you had better have a large social network presence. Thankfully, Big Fish Games has been aggressive with reaching out to customers and fans to keep them engaged with the latest news, as well as promoting the gaming lifestyle in general.

BFG Facebook

One place that Big Fish Games really has developed a good social presence is Facebook. Instead of customers voicing complaints or issues on a very public forum the company Facebook page actually has a direct link for Customer Support. This solves a few issues. Those that are looking for support have easy access, plus it cleans up the page for discussions on the latest games and other gaming news. Another positive feature of the Facebook page is direct links to the company’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

Big Fish’s presence on Twitter only has 18,750+ followers, which is not a huge following when compared to the 212,000+ “likes” on Facebook. However, The Twitter account seems to have regular updates, and focus more on industry news instead of highlighting specific Big Fish Games products. This helps appeal to a broader user group, and it may help the Twitter account gain followers by providing more generalized information. Don’t be fooled by all of the general information. If you post something positive about Big Fish Games, chances are you’ll get a retweet or comment. Overall Big Fish Games Twitter account is a good example of how a company can interact with fans and further support not just for a company, but also the entire industry.

The one place where Big Fish Games is a clear leader is with the Company Blog and Discussion forums on their website. The Social Media Manager, Conor Murphy, has posted 378 blog posts since September 2008. That is about 7 posts per month, and that is just from one contributor! Recently, a friend of mine, Lauren, started posting blog posts, providing a female’s gamers prospective to the blog. While the majority of gamers are still men, having a female perspective is good for addressing the growing market of female gamers.

Big Fish Games is a great example of how with a little work, a company can have great success with connecting with fans on Social Media.

Mark McDonald


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