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House Calls Etc

House Calls Etc is a handyman service that I used when I moved into my new place.  I found them on yelp and chose them because of the reviews.  Another thing that influenced my decision was their website and some of the info/videos on there (  However, I never visited their Facebook page even though it is listed on the website.  The Facebook page only has two posts on it, both in 2012.  The Yelp page however has 6 posts all within the last 4 months and a Google search brings up the Yelp page first, not their website.  I find the imbalance interesting.

When the rep finished the work I had done, he made sure to remind me to go to the Yelp listing and leave a review.  So they are actively trying to increase their social media presence, they just choose to focus on one channel.  Still, does that mean they have a poor social media campaign?  Because their Facebook activity is almost nil?

I do think their Facebook efforts need improvement, simply because it is the top social networking site.  However, I do want to commend the push towards Yelp.  Because their business is highly dependent on referrals and “word of mouth”, Yelp provides ratings and those referrals.  This adds much more value to the business than Likes on Facebook.

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