InboxQ – Cool tool to find customer leads through twitter

How do you get new customer leads for your business? One way is to find customers who have problems which can be solved by your product. But how do you find such customers?  No need to run around any more – you have InboxQ a real time Twitter monitoring tool.

InboxQ enables you to find questions related to one or more keywords on Twitter and provides you an easy way to respond to those questions right away. The tool can be installed as a plugin on your browser (chrome/firefox) and enables you to setup campaigns (composed of one or more keywords), for each of which you can track the trending questions.

I setup a campaign for Xbox and found a bunch of interesting tweets related to it. I could even answer some of the queries right away by clicking on the answer button. If you are selling a product/service, this forms a great tool for you to snap potential customers.


Click here to view a video on how to use this tool and check its cool features.


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