I Concur!

Who among us is an ever-weary road warrior, about to take off on another journey? Well, Concur is here for you. In fact, Concur is looking to build what it calls “The Perfect Trip” to satiate any business traveler – even those on the road most days of the year (we’re talking George Clooney, “Up in the Air”-style here). Among the ideas for this vision? Text message your latest expense (or even just tell Siri), and it will automatically upload into Concur. Plane touch down in Austin, TX? Concur will let the Marriott know you’ve arrived, and check you in automatically. Rolling on into your hotel room by scanning your smart phone at the door to unlock it after a long flight? Priceless.

So, did you book a trip to Hawaii for that long awaited vacation? Send your itineraries – we’re talking car rental, flight, hotel, dinner, all of them – to plans@tripit.com to forma a master itinerary. Oh, and by the way, TripIt will socialize this information: your Salesforce Chatter, Facebook, and Twitter followers (not to mention your TripIt connections) will all get an update – and soon be quite envious.

Want to learn more, and get away from your typical, laborious expense management process? Hit up http://www.concur.com for more details. Also, http://www.tripit.com. Don’t worry – in good time, “The Perfect Trip” awaits you!

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