You talking to me? Well.. I’m the only one here.

Just what does “You talking to me?” (that would be De Niro in ‘Taxi’ of course!), a seductive forest nymph with a cow’s tail and the chilling Room 237 have in common: The Seattle International Film Festival!

Room 237

Did you know that the SIFF is the largest audience-driven film festival in the US with more than 150,000 attendees? That, by the way, has to translate to a lot of seat warming! Did you know that SIFF runs for over 25 days and features World, US and Seattle premieres of 450 films and documentaries from over 70 countries.

a seductive forest nymph with a cow’s tail

I didn’t. I’ve been in Seattle now for 4 years and I wasn’t aware of it.. Yet I consider myself both a movie buff and someone with a strong appreciation of international cultures. SIFF hasn’t been able to reach me directly but not for lack of trying. SIFF has what looks to be a well established Facebook and Twitter presence. I also happened to come across the Social Media Marketing position (see abstract below) and it looks like a solid, very clear role in terms of building a strong social awareness campaign.

How did I ultimately hear of SIFF? Through word of mouth actually. Yup, the sneakernet version of social media.

Regardless of how I got here, I’m intrigued now and I visit the site to find.. a very difficult site to navigate. I want to know about the films on offer but, when I click on ‘Festival’ my options are:

Box Office | Membership | Donate | Sponsor | Volunteer | Shop | SIFF News | About SIFF | Getting Here

What? Where are the promised 450 films?! Eventually I find my way to a list of movies but it’s not clear if these are connected to the Festival. More critically, I believe SIFF has a particularly unique challenge compared to other Seattle businesses on this blog in that it has only a short window in which to create and maintain the buzz. Enabling a community on the site itself with connection to the films on offer could go a long way to addressing this. For example, support community reviews of films or even voting for films people most want to watch (could help with demand forecasting as an aside).

Despite the somewhat unsuccessful social media reach – am I still interested in SIFF? Heck yes! If you’re likewise looking to take a break from that the usual Hollywood fare, drop by the SIFF. It starts May 16 and goes thru to June 9 this year.

See below for more information – including the chance for a 3 month stint in social media marketing.

  • SIFF

    Understands and can utilize emerging platforms and social media measurement tools including: HootSuite, Tweetdeck, Klout, etc.
    • Work with Director of Marketing and Communications to establish social media strategy and best practices
    • Manage social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube) and editorial calendar to ensure content is approved and released on time
    • Keep up to date and informed on new social media trends and adapt accordingly
    • Identify leaders and influencers (internal/external) and engage them in brand activities

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