Windows Phone 8 – Social media strategy that adds color to life

Microsoft may be a little late to the mobile game, but better late than never. Friends ask me why I like my Windows phone 8. My answer is always the same – Fast and fluid. For as long as I have used it, my HTC 8X has never crashed on me once. How many Android users can say the same about their phones? And live tiles bring what I care most to my home screen. Nokia and HTC have collaborated with Microsoft in a big way to bring some of the most vibrant and stable Windows phones that we have grown to love.


So how do you think Microsoft and Nokia social media campaigns demonstrate the people-centric features of Windows phone? They are diligently attracting new users by weaving customer stories and testimonials. What better way than stories, to stay on people’s minds forever? If you know Ben “The PC Guy”, you might be familiar with the latest ads where he tells customer stories and how Windows phone makes it all about you. Check out one of the videos where Ben takes on the iphone.

Vibrant colors and live tiles are a dream come true for any marketer. It is fascinating to see how Microsoft along with its OEM partners has unleashed its creativity in the social media campaigns for Windows Phone– blogs, twitter, facebook, YouTube . Jessica Alba, the brand ambassador and a full-time mom, has done a wonderful job in promoting the phones to her ever-growing twitter base.

Jessica Alba shows off Nokia Lumia at the Windows Phone 8 launch event

Jessica Alba shows off Nokia Lumia at the Windows Phone 8 launch event

Windows phone is quickly capturing market share as well as people’s hearts.  Why you ask? – Because it is truly reinvented around you!

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