Visit Seattle!

Did you know that last year, 10.2 million visitors spent $5.9 billion in Seattle and King County? Much of the credit goes to Visit Seattle, a private, nonprofit marketing organization which has been the official marketing organization of Seattle tourism for more than 50 years. They do all kinds of stuff to enhance employment opportunities and economic prosperity of the region, and they’ve got an impressive social media presence.

They use three main channels: blog/website, Twitter, and Facebook to let everyone know how cool Seattle is. The “No Umbrella” blog posts a detailed look at local activities and events in the area every few days. Check out this post about all the nearby places a snow-starved Seattleite can go to find some gnar powpow.

The @VisitSeattle Twitter account is very active, with dozens of tweets a day aimed at directing traffic to local companies. Since most posts on Twitter are public, they set up filters to search for mentions of Seattle and directly reply to people who might need some help finding cool stuff to do.


The Facebook page is also incredibly active and personalized. Visit Seattle posts interesting articles and pictures of Seattle, and the posts are highly commented/shared/liked. They also engage directly with users and respond in detail to any questions.


This direct engagement with users on Facebook seems to be working well. Their page has amassed 443k likes – that’s equivalent to 71% of Seattle’s population!

Each channel has a unique voice and is catered to different audiences, but the message remains the same… Visit Seattle!

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