The Anti-Social Media Communications Company??

Based on a Seattle-based business having the identity of:

  • Reinventing local media on multiple platforms
  • Leaders in Multiplatform content and advertising solutions
  • Innovators in the creation and delivery of local content

I expected that I would find engagement in all forms of digital communication. Rather, I may have discovered the last bastion of pure buzzwords and twentieth-century technology.

Fisher Communications is a company comprised of twenty television stations and three radio stations. In addition, they operate multiple media and content provisioning services for other companies. At the parent level, the approach to social media appears to be strict avoidance. From the company web site (, there are no direct links to Twitter, facebook, Pinterest or RSS feeds. The company appears to have no interest in engaging the public. I can appreciate the desire to not dilute attention from their operating units, but Fisher also provides high-bandwidth fiber optic and satellite communications (Fisher Pathways), streaming media and property leasing (Fisher Plaza Leasing). Even at this level, the company provides no gateway into social media services. I believe that Fisher is missing the opportunity.

Following links into the subordinate companies yields a more liberal proach to media. Large media companies like KOMO ( are linked into facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, RSS, IOS and Android Apps. KOMO provides content (Twitter, RSS & Apps), collects information (Twitter) and shares more “static” information and human interest content (facebook, Pinterest). Smaller organizations like KLEW (Lewiston, provide similar content, but through fewer channels (facebook, Twitter and RSS). At the smallest groups like KUNW (Univision TV in Yakima), the facebook site is their only Internet presence, where Univision shares public interest content in Spanish for their target constituents. Fisher radio interests supplement their terrestrial broadcasting with streaming media.

Whether by inertia or design, the Fisher Communication companies are moving ahead. Fisher Communications seems to be firmly rooted in the past. I believe that Fisher should be coordinating their media efforts at the highest level and providing their subsidiary companies with the tools necessary to be present in social media. Instead, the company is allowing each group to flounder or flourish on their own. In addition, Fisher may be not be reaching the highest-level, highest-performing future employees for their company by ignoring current technologies. From outward appearances, Fisher Communications is truely an anti-social media operation.

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