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When I review my interaction with Seattle based business, except for big names like Microsoft, or Costco, is the one I bought most staff from in the past 3 years. is an online retailer focused on healthy, beauty and skincare products founded in 1998 in Bellevue.

As an online retailer started engaging on social media fairly late, opening its page on Facebook at 6/30/2009, comparing with at 3/9/2008 and Newegg.com11/9/2007. has opened multiple social media channels, but its major social media publishing channel is Facebook with over 910K likes. (The twitter page has only 17K followers)

The main strategy of is using social media only as a channel of promoting new product and promotion programs. Almost all posts on the Facebook page falls in this category. It sees that expects to attract more customer through deals and products broadcasted through people “likes” it. However, in my opinion, it is not a very effective way to use social media. The information on the page are too random and less focused. It is hard to believe that these information would attract interest from people to recognize and feel connected with the brand. A better way may be using more content to tell stories of people interacting with the website and how it makes their life easier. Besides, in publishing products and promotions, instead of posting random information, it should be more consistent and building “themes” which can last for a period of time. Organized, focused and continuous information will help attracting attention of more people.

Furthermore, should spend more effort on other social media channel, like Twitter. Comparing with Facebook, Twitter is a better channel to communicate random promotion information and engage customer feedbacks.

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