Smith Brothers Farms – Milk & Media

This is an era of brands, advertisement and marketing. But do brands really matter when it comes to milk? I did not care about the brand as long as I knew it was Cow’s milk. But, soon I realized that there is more to the process than I ever imagined; there can be tons of differences in the way the cow is raised to the way milk is packaged and delivered. Yes, brand does matter, and Smith Brothers Farms (SBF) is my milk brand. I met the milkman at a stall in one of the farmers market, sampled their milk and got detailed information about the company and the various products they carry. That was the first time I could associate a human face to the carton of milk I take out every morning from the refrigerator.  After switching to SBF, I knew where my milk was coming from, how it was processed and handled – I actually knew my Milkman!!

SBF is a local family-owned and operated dairy farm serving the greater Puget Sound area. Located in the Kent Valley, Smith Brothers Farms have been in business since 1920. They are one of the largest home delivery dairies in the country. Currently they deliver products to more than 45,000 homes every week. In addition to the convenience of online order management and home delivery, SBF got my taste buds so used to fresh milk that there was no going back to the typical store-bought ultra-pasteurized milk.

Their marketing strategy relies mainly on word-of-mouth referrals, door-to-door marketing and participation in special events and local farmers markets. In most of these events, they hand out product samples. They also support various organizations throughout the Puget Sound area, like Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS), Woodland Park Zoo, Issaquah Salmon Days and Denny’s Milk Carton Derby.

SBF’s customers manage their orders via an easy-to-use and intuitive website, They have also maintained a Facebook fan page, and twitter account, @SmithBrosFarms. Despite being a local brand, they have over 23K Facebook likes and over 4K twitter followers. Their Facebook fan page contains product and event updates, sales info, fun facts and much interaction and testimonies from consumers. They are regular on twitter with gathering views and reviews on various products they offer, event reminders for followers and some casual conversation too. SBF has a strong traditional marketing strategy which they have adopted for over 90 years and has been very effective for them. However, they have identified the need to embrace the new generation social media strategy and they are on their way connecting with their e-Age fans.


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