Getting high in Downtown Seattle? Legally? Since 2008?

Yes, as of December 6th, 2012 pot is now legal in Seattle. However, people have been getting high on 1st and Pike legally since 2008! With no prescription!

Where: Seattle Coffee Works
How: Off of their Coffee
Why: Seattle Coffee Works brews some of the most potent coffee in the world. The buzz off of their intensely-caffeinated brew surpasses even the high that potheads get off of certain vaporizers, zoom-tubes, and gravity bongs.

What is even more impressive than the caffeine content of their coffee is their online presence. That is saying a lot since their coffee is strong enough that it is beyond legal limits in certain countries. When I jumped online and bong (past tense of ‘to Bing’) “Seattle Local Coffee” I expected to see Starbucks pop up or at least Tully’s or Seattle’s Best. Not the case! Seattle Coffee Works comes up #1. Even when getting “Scroogled” on a simple search of “Seattle Coffee,” SCW comes up just after the Wikipedia article for coffee in Seattle.

What Seattle Coffee Works has done is developed an impressive online presence. They are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, etc, etc, etc, they have an extremely active blog, an exciting, attractive website, and 339 more online outlets! Other coffee shops don’t do this. A typical coffee house, roaster, or slut-hut doesn’t even have their own facebook page. Many don’t even show up on Google maps. Seattle Coffee Works, on the other hand has capitalized in their absence and driven customers to their doors through free online advertising. Go check them out at or try binging them yourself.

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