Fat kids rejoice! Skillet Street Food is everywhere!

Food trucks are entering their heyday in America and nowhere is this more evident than Seattle.  One of the earliest and most popular food trucks is Skillet Street Food.  Since 2007, Skillet has been creating innovative lunch menus based on American-inspired food out of a vintage Airstream trailer.  In about 6 years that initial trailer has turned into 2 trailers, a diner in Capitol Hill, a counter in the Seattle Center and a line of condiments sold at retail outlets (the most popular condiment being “Bacon Jam”).

To reach the popularity that Skillet currently enjoys required more than just a presence on Yelp.  Being constantly mobile with an inconsistent schedule requires constant updates to their loyal following.  Ever since I saw their smokestack billowing in downtown Bellevue I became one of those followers.  By monitoring Skillet’s whereabouts on Facebook I was able to schedule my poutine break in advance (when I say “schedule”, I literally mean scheduling it in outlook so nobody at work can arrange a meeting on my calendar).  I now also follow them on Twitter to get up to date notifications of location and specials.  On April 4th, they were speaking directly to my heart:


For those of you that have not enjoyed a Skillet poutine before, this is what you are missing:


Skillet’s use of social media has not been restricted solely to luring in fat Canadians.  They have also used it to advertise cookbooks, new condiments available in retail stores and even special events catered by Skillet.  In just a short 6 years, social media has allowed Skillet to transform from a quaint food truck into a Seattle culinary empire.


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