Expedia – Find Yours!


One of the smartest and most intriguing ad campaign, in my mind, is Expedia’s “Find Yours”.  In that campaign, launched in 2012, Expedia has played on the emotional aspects of travel in a very effective way.



Travel is by nature very individual and personalized, but in the same time it has a huge social aspect to it. Travel is individual and personalized in the sense that every traveler and every trip is unique, and it’s social because travelers typically like to share their trips stories, memories, photos, videos, and artifacts with their friends and families.

Expedia has targeted both aspects of travel in their campaign. They seeded the campaign with a series of video ads on YouTube and TV. The ads showed amazing real travel stories from real people. The ads created a connection on a deep level between travelers and the Expedia brand.

The rest of the campaign was mostly on social media, and it was equally brilliant. It ran on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, in addition to blogs. Expedia did a number of interesting things:

1-      The entire content of the social media campaign was user generated. Expedia basically worked hard at encouraging travelers to share their stories, videos, and photos on different social media websites.

2-      Expedia sponsored trips for travel bloggers to different popular locations around the world.

3-      It held “Find Yours” Twitter photo contest that encouraged everyday travelers to post photos from their trips for a chance to win a number of prizes.

4-      Expedia created a Facebook app that allowed travelers to keep track of their travel route, their travel memories, photos, videos, and share that with the rest of the world. With the ability to transform your trip automatically into a movie.


What I really think is brilliant about all of this is the fact that Expedia has not tried to sell anything or push any product in this campaign, they simply created an emotional connection with travelers.

– Ayman Kaheel.

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