Crowd sourcing for game development

In the past few years there have been big talk about social media and how businesses market their products. Of all the industries that I have seen market their products, game industry is the one that stood out the first. I am not focusing here on just the social gaming companies marketing their social games, but the big game players, be it console games, massively multiplayer franchises as Ever Quest, Wow or DC Comics. I have worked in the gaming industry for about 12 years and was part of social campaigns marketing the products. I was part of the game development teams (MMORPG development) and was impressed how the game teams will market their upcoming releases. MMORPG are genre of role-playing games where a very large number of players interact with one another within a virtual game world. The virtual world Is a persistent world which continues to exist and evolve while a player is offline.

While working at Sony Online Entertainment at their Bellevue development studio for a game called “The Agency”, I was part of developing prototype game for the Agency where  players (for example facebook members) can get the feel of what is coming in the real game. There were discussions threads for people to discuss and provide their feedback on what to improve. This method helped the game team tremendously. The prototype game players on facebook were given the option to move their game data to the real game once it was launched. Several iterations of the prototype were done and with the crowd sourcing many new features were implemented in the game.

I have seen various other game companies implemented into their core game development. Sony has also done this for their casual games where the game Free Realms was introduced to the social platform for few months prior to the real game launch. This has been a successful strategy for introducing the new games to the social members and creates a buzz for the game early on.


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