America’s Pastime goes to Twitter


As the Mariners season kicks off another promising season (it is the beginning of the year), one beer vendor is turning the laborious process on its head.  He is going to be using Twitter to take orders and deliver the beers to spectators.  Kevin Zelko, a 36-year old teacher in Seattle, is a 5-year veteran of the business and makes anywhere from $125 dollars on a weekday to $200 on a weekend.  His philosophy is simple, the clientele who tweets their orders in from there smartphones are more likely to be better off and thus better tippers.  On the supplier side, it will take some of the legwork out of the process by providing direct routes from order to delivery.  The baseball fan just simply tweets to @Msbeervendor with the order and location in the field (lower level only) and the beer is delivered directly.   One downside, prank tweets.  The idea seems to be working, opening day is just 3 days away and Msbeervendor has gone from 225 followers on April 4th to over 1700.  Good luck Msbeervendor, I will take my beer the old fashioned way, I will go get it myself…..I need to pee anyways. 


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