Microsoft “tech-days”


Microsoft has been conducting its “tech-days” events all over the world. These events give an opportunity for developers to develop apps for Windows Phone, Microsoft Office and Cloud platforms. In India, it made a Guinness world record as more than 2500 developers who participated in the Bangalore event did nonstop coding for 18 hours.

What’s in it for developers?

After all, thousands of developers spend hours programming in these events foregoing their work and daily activities. What is it that they achieve? Following things come to mind.

  • Exposure to the technology and guidance from experts to build and hone their skills.
  • Joy of creating something new, exciting and fun.
  • Relationships with Microsoft’s experts community.
  • Recognition, certificates and awards from Microsoft.
  • Exposure to different ideas and thoughts.
  • Excitement of being part of the event.

What does Microsoft achieve?

Microsoft has not been able to make it big with Windows Phone yet. One reason for that is there are not many apps available on Windows phone as compared to those with its rival iPhone and Android based phones.  On the other hand, developer community is not so interested in developing apps because there are not many buyers. This seems to be a negative spiral and Microsoft is trying to make its way out of it.

Asking people to buy Windows phone when there are not many great apps available is a tough sell. Reaching out developer community through such events is relatively less expensive and the rewards are probably higher. Through these events, Microsoft might be expecting to get some “cool” apps in its App store. However, more than that it probably may get significant number of developers developing Windows Apps as the participating developers are likely to continue development at least for some time. Not to mention, the other intangibles it achieves such as increasing awareness about Microsoft’s Technologies, and developing goodwill among developer community.

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