Nordstrom’s “fashionable” social network

Suppose you are in a bar chatting about skin care with your girlfriends, would you mind someone coming to you and trying to sell a jar of cream in a beautifully packaged little box? That’s probably the reason why Nordstrom opened and closed storefronts on Facebook site about a year and half ago. However, the Seattle based fashion specialty retailer seems to be more interested in testing ways to make a difference through social network.

With 1.9 million likes, Nordstrom’s Facebook page is a destination for fashion lovers. It’s pretty consistent that you can see one new post each day except Saturday and Sunday. (Don’t know why…. maybe the person who is making this happen needs a break too) In addition to providing fans with eye-catching pictures and easy links to online store, this Facebook site serves as a portal where the company can see real time feedback, product inquiry, and also reply back and give suggestions in a timely matter, offering convenience to potential buyers.
nordstrom shoe

Nordstrom has a broader social media focus. Besides Facebook, the company is also very active on Twitter with 232,992 followers. Multiple tweets each day from both the company and followers seem to make this place a better one for announcement and promotion. Meanwhile, Nordstrom brings it to the next level by offering tweets from the floor of local Nordstrom store or Rack store, so people can follow the store specifically in their area, for example, Nordstrom Bellevue. This makes up the last mile to connect local store with its customers easily. Moreover, I especially like the way they use Vine to post short video, which adds a little different flavor to the regular tweets. I just saw those beautiful, temping flowers in 6 seconds!

Nordstrom’s social reach also extends to Pinterest, the popular online bulletin board and paradise for visual person like me; Instagram, a photo-sharing site, now owned by Facebook; and Polyvore, a site where people can discover trend, follow style and create personal outfit. The company is also exploring Tumblr and other fashion sites such as and At this point, Nordstrom has 1,146 people in circles on Google+ and with an “integrated” 3,539 subscribers on Youtube .

Retailers are doing everything they can to make shopping as seamless as possible through social media. Nordstrom’s social strategy pays off as its online sales grow by 37% in 2012.

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