Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


When I think about who in Seattle is or should be great at embracing social media in their communication strategy, one entity that immediately came across my mind is Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As you all know, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the largest private foundation in the world, based in Seattle and founded in 1994 by Bill Gates. Probably, many of you have heard of their radio commercial saying ‘we can help every person get the chance to live a healthy, productive life’, which is the primary aims of the foundation.


They are using multiple social media channels extensively, including Twitter, flickr, YouTube, Pinterest as well as using RSS Feed and email communications to connect people. Moreover, they are expanding channels to some of Chinese local social media like Weibo, RenRen and QQ.

Their Facebook sites got 581,781 Likes as of today. I’ve been following their Facebook site for a couple of years. One thing that amazes me is that every time they post a message about their activities on Facebook, they quickly earn 350+ Likes, sometimes 2,000+. It’s not always the case but they occasionally even respond to comments they got to their original message, and this seems to create further traction on their site.


I’m also impressed with how many people visited their other sites and viewed their contents as well. Most of the photos on flickr were viewed 2,000 to 4,000+ times. Their YouTube video contents got an average of 10,000 views. Their Twitter has 909,740 followers. They are constantly tweeting on Twitter to let people know their events and news. They have 44,526好友 (friends?) in RenRen, 11,540听众 (???) in QQ… They are very successful to drive tractions among followers on these social media channels as they are active on all of these social media channels and frequently posting messages resulted in synergy among these social media channels. I never doubt that they have a dedicated personnel or even a team who works on social media strategy.


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