New York City has the Village Voice, Seattle has The Stranger, and Downtown Bellevue has…the Downtown Bellevue Network! Catchy? Maybe not if one is an aural snob…In fact, this city revels in creativity, as evidenced in the thought-provoking and timeless names that it has bestowed unto its most famous landmarks: the “Downtown Park”, and “Bellevue Square Mall”, and “Bellevue Towers”, and the “Bellevue Park & Ride”, and the “Bellevue Towers”, and of course, “The Bellevue“. Sense a theme?

But while Bellevue may be the boring older sister to Seattle’s quirkier yet far more obnoxious younger sister, that doesn’t mean that Bellevueites (Bellevueans? Bellevuers?) don’t like to partake in the benefits of urban living…and that is exactly what the Downtown Bellevue Network is here to help them do.

From its blog to its Facebook page, the DBN is there to help its citizens answer the perennial question: “what’s the haps, son?”

Here’s a smattering of the latest goings-on in this mini-metropolis:
Planned ‘Bellevue Park Hotel’ Site for Sale” (hope the new owners save that fine name!)
The Evolution Fresh store is 1 year old!” (an OG as far as Bellevue stores go)
Tommy Bahama to Open in Bellevue Square” (I’d better take the day off from work for that!)
And of course, that bittersweet missal: “Bellevue Square J.C. Penney to Receive Remodel

This blog truly goes a long way towards dispelling the local stereotype of Bellevue being a soulless, commercial vortex.

Then again, without this blog, where else would we find a handy list of Late Night Happy Hours, so us fine residents can head up to the rooftop deck of Daniels at 9:30PM and commiserate about how the rain short-circuited our new Model S’ battery pack, while sipping on a snifter of Henry IV.

DBN is truly a civic gem.


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