Kedai Makan

Kedai Makan is a relatively new Seattle eatery that grew out of small tents in various farmers market in Seattle. They specialize in Malaysian street food which is quite a unique and new flavor to Seattleites. In that respect, they have been very effective at using social media tools to communicate with customers and to spread the word.

km_rempah_udangAt the early stages of their business, Kedai Makan was a very simple operation with two owners cooking, preparing food, serving customers. They did not have a permanent store front or budget for advertising. Instead, their Facebook page served as a gathering point for customers to learn of the menu for the upcoming farmers market. It was also a place for customers to meet each other and share their own experience with Malaysian food. And since many Seattleites are not familiar with Malaysian food, Kedai Makan posted articles about street dining experience in Malaysia, as well as photographs of various Malaysian dishes they are serving, to reduce the surprise factor for customers.

Many of their customers expressed happiness to find dishes they grew up with, or they have come to like through Kedai Makan. The best thing about social media for these customers, is the ability to digitally associate themselves with their favorite establishments andkm_menu set themselves up to keep getting updates on any new activities. Unlike some food trucks and other non-stationary food vendors who seem to appear and disappear without much notice, the social media presence for Kedai Makan is a comforting sign to customers that they are still there.

Kedai Makan’s Facebook page and Twitter account are regularly updated with the daily menu for their new storefront, they choose to post daily specials, share pictures of dishes made in the store, as well as communicate with customers.

In summary, Kedai Makan’s social media strategy has served them well through the beginning stages of a start-up food vendor, up until the establishment of a store front. They have executed well with regular updates on both Facebook and Twitter, and established relationships with their customers as a result.


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