The success of Starbucks Social CRM

Starbucks is one of the enterprises adapted social media to the company’s CRM strategy.  Having 3.6 Million followers in Twitter, 34 Million Facebook users “like” the page, 6.6 Million Views on Youtube.  As we’ve learned from marketing course, Starbucks doesn’t spent much money on “marketing”.  Words of mouth is the primary brand awareness and acceptances by the customers.

What I am amazed most is Starbucks integrates, mixes and combines multi-channel functionalities and elements together.  Each channels has different focus but also unified managing conversation across all channels.  Starbucks engages and communicates customers through twitter, promote products and answer questions. Youtube is the channel for commercials (regular or seasonal) and informational (e.g. how to make an expreso).   The Starbucks histories youtube videos made many customers feel intimate and related to the brand. Customers around the world could also upload their videos to Starbucks Youtube.  I like the Facebook Starbucks most.  Their contents and pictures are welcoming, warm and full of “coffee” experience even through the internet.  My Starbucks Idea, where customers and partners could share, vote and discuss their own ideas.

Overall, I think the success of Starbucks Social Media Strategy is the matter of map business objective and specific social activities designed to meet the objectives; consistent branding strategy, execution and integration across all media channel conversation and constant measurement system to keep testing, listening and improving company social behavior.


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