Redfin is Social

Buying and selling real estate is likely the largest transaction that most people will make in their personal lives. And yet for years, the process was tightly controlled by real estate agencies. With a stated mission of uniting the forces of real estate agents and software engineers to “reinvent real estate in your favor,” Redfin has helped change the real estate market for the better. They provide free and relevant information to buyers and sellers that enables consumers to make more informed decisions.

Redfin’s use of social media includes Twitter (both for the corporation and for each of their markets), several blogs (Real Estate News & Analysis, Fun & Fabulous, Redfin News, and CEO Glenn Kehlman), and Facebook.

Their blogs include useful entries about current real estate trends, which I happily used to inform my own house-buying decision. However, they also have fun with their blogging including entries about Beiber’s arrest (, and offered a tongue-in-cheek roasting of the defection of Google workers to Facebook written by Redfin’s CEO ( 

On Twitter, they maintain a mix of timely and un-phased (albeit possibly a little disconnected) responses to feedback on their recent site re-design:


and periodic polls like this one about how to encourage a seller to accept your offer over any others:


Their Facebook page offers a combination of posts from their blog as well as some insight into their corporate culture:


Overall, their social media presence and branding appears consistent through all of the channels with many stories running in each of the channels and cross-referencing the other channels. All this and they seem to be having fun with it too!


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