7 Causes Worth Promoting

The 1st group of UW TMMBA Spring ’13 students are done with Session 1, and we have 7 great causes for you to keep your eyes on. If you are able and willing to help spread the word on any of these causes, or lend valuable content to help make their channels grow, please make sure to let us know, by reaching out to @ENTRE528.

The 7 so far (these may change over time):

  1. The Center for Wooden Boats (or general maritime awareness.)
  2. Reducing pet deaths due to over-population
  3. Increasing the amount of animal adoptions
  4. Encouraging food trucks to move past just Seattle and to the Eastside.
  5. A better way fro DRM
  6. Rose International – Training people through the use of mobile devices on how to learn skills
  7. “What’s next?” – Helping incoming students adjust to college life.

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