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The success of Starbucks Social CRM

Starbucks is one of the enterprises adapted social media to the company’s CRM strategy.  Having 3.6 Million followers in Twitter, 34 Million Facebook users “like” the page, 6.6 Million Views on Youtube.  As we’ve learned from marketing course, Starbucks doesn’t spent much money on “marketing”.  Words of mouth is the primary brand awareness and acceptances by the customers.

What I am amazed most is Starbucks integrates, mixes and combines multi-channel functionalities and elements together.  Each channels has different focus but also unified managing conversation across all channels.  Starbucks engages and communicates customers through twitter, promote products and answer questions. Youtube is the channel for commercials (regular or seasonal) and informational (e.g. how to make an expreso).   The Starbucks histories youtube videos made many customers feel intimate and related to the brand. Customers around the world could also upload their videos to Starbucks Youtube.  I like the Facebook Starbucks most.  Their contents and pictures are welcoming, warm and full of “coffee” experience even through the internet.  My Starbucks Idea, where customers and partners could share, vote and discuss their own ideas.

Overall, I think the success of Starbucks Social Media Strategy is the matter of map business objective and specific social activities designed to meet the objectives; consistent branding strategy, execution and integration across all media channel conversation and constant measurement system to keep testing, listening and improving company social behavior.



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Redfin is Social

Buying and selling real estate is likely the largest transaction that most people will make in their personal lives. And yet for years, the process was tightly controlled by real estate agencies. With a stated mission of uniting the forces of real estate agents and software engineers to “reinvent real estate in your favor,” Redfin has helped change the real estate market for the better. They provide free and relevant information to buyers and sellers that enables consumers to make more informed decisions.

Redfin’s use of social media includes Twitter (both for the corporation and for each of their markets), several blogs (Real Estate News & Analysis, Fun & Fabulous, Redfin News, and CEO Glenn Kehlman), and Facebook.

Their blogs include useful entries about current real estate trends, which I happily used to inform my own house-buying decision. However, they also have fun with their blogging including entries about Beiber’s arrest (, and offered a tongue-in-cheek roasting of the defection of Google workers to Facebook written by Redfin’s CEO ( 

On Twitter, they maintain a mix of timely and un-phased (albeit possibly a little disconnected) responses to feedback on their recent site re-design:


and periodic polls like this one about how to encourage a seller to accept your offer over any others:


Their Facebook page offers a combination of posts from their blog as well as some insight into their corporate culture:


Overall, their social media presence and branding appears consistent through all of the channels with many stories running in each of the channels and cross-referencing the other channels. All this and they seem to be having fun with it too!

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Which Social Media Strategy Works Best?

Few years back companies were looking for ways to leverage social media marketing but today things have shifted to an altogether new level. Now, companies are already into social media marketing and are looking for ways to optimize and identify the tactics that work best for them.

eMarketer surveyed some companies and found some useful data:



Click the following link to read the complete article –

It is an interesting read that talks about the strategies that have worked for companies. Enjoy!!!


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The funniest drug store on Twitter today

Bartell Drugs is using Facebook and Twitter as core channels to drive in-store visits and interact with customers. I found Bartell’s use of Twitter especially interesting for the retail industry. They only have 1,871 followers (compared the national giant Walgreen’s who has 113,931 followers) but they are using social media to have real time productive conversations with its core customers and supporters.

They are quick to respond to all of their Twittersphere mentions but also spin them into opportunities to promote an in-store visit whenever possible. This is something a lot of companies miss. Check out this re-Tweet as an example.

Bartells beauty

Bartell’s also does a fantastic job of turning customer issues and gripes into funny engaging banter. It’s important to exude your company’s brand in those 140 character conversations in order to cut through the social clutter. Bartell’s does it better than most companies I’ve seen. I actually look forward to see how they’ll respond to the next one. Here’s a great example:

Bartells customer service

Finally, when a company executes a fun and genuine social strategy, it can generate awareness in unexpected ways. My colleague and social media guru Mel Carson, shared this hilarious encounter with Bartell Drugs at a conference a few years ago. Since then several folks in the Seattle office (including myself) have started following Bartell’s and interacting with their fun and genuine brand.

Seriously check out the *Cheeky* example on slide 5. I bet you’ll be impressed that a drug store could have this kind of personality!

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7 More Causes to Get Behind

The 2nd session of students in Entre 528 have their own set of solid causes to get behind. If you can help them spread the word, please reach out to the group at their individual Twitter accounts (coming soon) or hit us @Entre528.

  1. Promoting Water Conservation
  2. The Surfrider Foundation and promoting clean beaches
  3. How to affect the STEM gap in education
  4. “Geek Health” – How to promote healthy living in the technology field
  5. Driving awareness of the Pacific Science Center
  6. Public awareness of hearing loss
  7. And a wildcard report on how some Seattle companies stack up against each other in social channels.

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7 Causes Worth Promoting

The 1st group of UW TMMBA Spring ’13 students are done with Session 1, and we have 7 great causes for you to keep your eyes on. If you are able and willing to help spread the word on any of these causes, or lend valuable content to help make their channels grow, please make sure to let us know, by reaching out to @ENTRE528.

The 7 so far (these may change over time):

  1. The Center for Wooden Boats (or general maritime awareness.)
  2. Reducing pet deaths due to over-population
  3. Increasing the amount of animal adoptions
  4. Encouraging food trucks to move past just Seattle and to the Eastside.
  5. A better way fro DRM
  6. Rose International – Training people through the use of mobile devices on how to learn skills
  7. “What’s next?” – Helping incoming students adjust to college life.

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Welcome to Spring 2013

Hello everyone. Welcome to Entre 528, Social Media Strategy.

We have a few social accounts that you can join and follow as well. I tag presentations I like for you guys to check out on Slideshare at

We have a Twitter account which I’ll give you the password for Saturday, at

We also have a class Facebook Page we can use for experimentation at

More to come. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

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