T and C’s Are your Friend

As we excitedly sat down to implement our marketing campaign, to drive more people to both our FaceBook page as well as interact with our site on a regular basis, we had an “Ah-ha” Moment.  

“Has anyone looked to make sure this is legit?” Was the question that was brought up.

Well we soon found out that we were in fact not legit in our scheme to get more attention to our cause and act that very well could have cost us our FaceBook Page all together.   To help further explain this I should talk about what exactly we were setting out to do:

Trying to get more people involved with our page as well as hoping to get more local fan interaction, we set out to start a promotion.  ‘Post a photo from your favorite Washington hike and tell us a bit about the hike and the winner gets a cash equivalent prize’ (Amazon gift card, etc.).  What better way to get people to start sharing hiking experiences than with gorgeous photo’s.   The plan was hatched and off we went to get it rolling.    Start it in on Facebook and advertise it on our Blog and Twitter accounts … perfect!  But little did we know the people at FaceBook were a step ahead of us.  

A deeper look into the Terms and Conditions on FaceBook we found our answer (its under Safety bullet #9 the link to Promotion Guidelines).  A quick read of the guidelines and the over arching page about FaceBook Page terms we found that just about all of our promotion was illegal.  No you can’t offer money equivalents as prize; No you can’t use the functionality of Facebook as a method of entry (uploading a photo to our wall for entry – thats a No-No).  So we were either going to roll with our chances and lose our Page or forgo the marketing for now. 

We chose the later … better to be safe with multiple channels, then be left without a FaceBook page and our single largest audience. Maybe next time.


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