Friends4Trails now has more than 100 friends.

Less than a month ago, we started our campaign to build a community of like minded people to work together to increase awareness about beautiful trails. Thanks to the power of social media channels, in less than four weeks we have more than 60 twitter followers and about 120 facebook page fans.  We started building our community with our TMMBA peers and closed friends. Each of the friend was very excited to participate and promote 100s of beautiful trails in Northwest region. We also ran a facebook ad campaign for only four days. It was our first experience in running a social media ad campaign. In less than $20 our community got more than 30 new facebook fans from various age groups and neighborhoods. I feel that’s the best customer acquisition experience I have so far. More than 70% folks who reached to our page “Liked” it, that also shows the love and passion of northwest community for natural beauty.

In this exercise I was also very impressed with the power of facebook ad platform, it allows us to narrow down the audience better matching with our goal in cost effective manner. Following are two of our face book ads.

Thanks to all our facebook fans and twitter followers for their participation. Your friends are looking forward to hear your next hiking story. Let’s make this summer more fun.


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    Thanks to all our friends for overwhelming support. Looking forward to hear your stories this summer.

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