Social Media Strategies: Puget Sound Energy & aFitness App

After my power went out during a storm last winter, I tried going to the Puget Sound Energy website to see if I could find any estimates for restoring power.  I didn’t see anything relevant and I also tried calling, only to encounter a long wait.  I was pleasantly surprised to find PSE on Twitter with regular updates and assisting customers:

Looking a little deeper, I found PSE slides titled, “Social Media Strategy: A Phased Approach”.  My takeaways are the following steps:

  • Listen – practice familiarity with tools to discover and connect with the customer.
  • Engage – create and manage sources of content to share with the customer.
  • Evaluate – utilize web analytics and metrics from social media to measure progress for business objectives.

At a high level, this isn’t so different from the approach taught in the first few classes.  Our focus in class is campaigns, which is a contrasting point and deeper level of granularity that concentrates on specific goals.  One way to think of it is that a campaign is an iteration of executing the strategy.  Building on the PSE phases above (Listen, Engage, Evaluate), our team has performed more designing up front by defining specific goals and planning the social media content.  We also continuously use social media metrics to help shift our efforts for engagement.  This results in a short ‘Evaluate’ phase since we have good awareness of our progress throughout the campaign.

The PSE slides are worth a look.  They show what tools they use and how.   Also notice the consistency across their content sources, such as facebook, YouTube, and flickr.  Finally, I notice some branching out by creating an entirely separate facebook page for energy efficiency.

Hope this is helpful to your social media strategy.  Please share your strategy tips by leaving a comment below.

-Bruce on behalf of The Comrades


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