A home away from home: Transplant House by Dina

Posting on behalf of Diva:

When Jason Imani suggested Transplant House as the organization for which we would complete a social media campaign, I couldn’t help but feel a pang in my heart.  Lindsay, my best friend’s little sister, had a heart transplant 2 years ago and is now living a healthy and active life as a happy wife and mother.  I remember the uncertainty and fear in my friend’s voice when she called me and told me what Lindsay would have to go through.  She felt so helpless during this time.  Having the experience of seeing what my close friend and her family were going through is solid proof in my mind that the service that Transplant House provides is a necessary and vital program for transplant patients and their families.   Transplant House provides temporary, affordable housing to transplant patients and their families before and after their transplant procedures.  They do their best to take this extra financial burden away from families and patients during this time of extreme stress, in addition to creating a space that is comfortable and feels like home.  The last thing on the minds of patients and their families should be figuring out the logistics and finances of temporary housing that is safe, comfortable and convenient to local hospitals and other care facilities.  The stress of such a serious medical procedure along with being away from home is more than enough to deal with.  I applaud Transplant House for giving these people one less thing to worry about during a very stressful time and ask those reading this post to learn more about how you can get involved and help their organization.



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