My Klout Score is 47…

or 48 or 46, not sure what it is today.  Klout has become the de facto mechanism for measuring someone’s influence in the online social sphere but with a lack of transparency regarding how the score is calculated I question its relevance.  An argument against transparency is that it gives people the tools needed to game the system.  I would argue however that transparency is needed along with intelligence to determine when people are gaming their score.  The Marketing director where I work is influential offline and contributes to a number of online sources but has a score much lower than mine (he apparently lost another point yesterday) which is driving him crazy.  I would love to point him to my super engagement on Facebook but I don’t have the data to back that up.

I am a UW MBA student and got my undergrad from UW and am a big supporter of the school.  If you also graduated from UW, check out my groups blog at MBAs 4 UW


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