Why MAI School?

Growing up, I knew I was privileged. I loved to learn and I loved going to school. I had a strong desire to do something big in life and my mother continuously reminded me that education was the only means to achieve what I wanted in life – social, economic and emotional fulfillment, and above all – respect. I often read in newspapers and watched on TV how a large percentage of Indian population either did not have access to schools or could not afford to pay for good education. I grew up in a small town, which was surrounded by several villages with no schools. I saw the effects of poverty first hand. Small kids from the villages came to our town to perform various chores such as selling milk, washing dishes and cleaning houses in order to earn money for their families. I wondered if they had similar dreams and desires as me. Lastly, I knew there were many problems with the Indian system because of a lack of education. Corrupt politicians and unfair treatment of girls were a couple of issues I heard about daily. I decided I would do whatever I can when I am in a position to help those who are not so privileged. That is why, when Krishnan mentioned that his team is planning to support a not-for-profit school established by his grandfather and run by his mother in a rural area in India, I jumped in my seat (literally…Roann saw that). I am excited that this class (and my education!) is giving me an opportunity to help some underprivileged children achieve a better environment for education. I highly believe in this noble cause and hope I can do something similar to what Krishnan’s grandfather has done, some day.

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