Supporting Education

Our team (Christopher, Hina, Kevin, Krishnan, Nick and Roann) is passionate about education and is supporting Mankompu Aundy Iyer (MAI) School. This school was started 60 years ago by Krishnan’s grandfather in rural India and provides free education to children. It has grown since 1948 and now has children from grade-1 to grade-10.It has two mediums of education (Malayalam and English) and now provides computer education from grade-5. The government provides the salary of the teachers but all the infrastructure has to be maintained by the school management. Krishnan’s grandfather is almost 100 now and was involved in the day to day management of the school until about 5 years ago. The school is now managed by Krishnan’s mother.

Most of the benches and tables in the school are old and the school is looking to get new benches and tables. The school needs 50 benches and chairs and our team is looking to raise $5000 for the cause.

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Team MaiSchool


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by | April 14, 2012 · 3:10 pm

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  1. Lisa Echandia

    What a wonderful cause you are working with! I can only imagine there must be SO much need for education in rural India. Good for you for making a huge difference in the lives of these kids!

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