What should I blog about?

WordPress Blog set up – Check.

Now what?

Coming up with content ideas can be a major roadblock for businesses.  One way to generate new ideas is to ask yourself some questions.  Using a question as the basis of a post can stimulate ideas and help you generate the 200-500 words you need.   Here are some example questions to ask yourself?

  1. Why did my group decide to support this cause?
  2. What are some other great articles or web sites that describe the cause we are supporting?
  3. Who are some people that support the same cause, and why are they behind it?
  4. Has there been any recent news about your cause?  What is your reaction to that news?
  5. Have any other people or companies that support the same cause done anything really interesting lately? Is there news about them that you would want to comment on?
  6. Do any organizations that support the cause you are supporting have any upcoming events? Have they recently had an event? If so, will you go to it? Did anyone recently host an event? If so, did you go?
  7. Are there any videos on YouTube that support your cause? Can you embed them in a blog post and explain why the video is important?
  8. Is anyone you follow on Twitter writing any interesting blog posts that you want to recommend?

These are just 8 quick ideas to drive your content and editorial calendar forward.  Once you publish the blog posts, it’s easy to post them to Twitter and Facebook and drive more traffic to the post.


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