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Repost: Outreach Letters for Link Building [Real Examples]

Another good article from SEOMoz:

“Outreach letters are a primary element in any quality link building campaign: If you’re not getting responses, you’re not getting links. It takes a lot of trial and error to find what works, which can be difficult for new link builders. To make things easier for everyone, I wanted to give several outreach letters I use for contacting different sites.” Read the entire article: Outreach Letters for Link Building [Real Examples]


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The Anatomy of Going Viral (Infographic)-Repost

Great infographic by the crew at Single Grain:

Going Viral-Single Grain

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Audience Engagement

I thought this was an interesting article that helped quantify just how much Facebook sucks out of our life:

Scroll down to how facebook is killing the competition with it’s ad system.


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61 Inspiring Facebook Page Headers

via Bruno Fridlansky on

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Have You Built Any Channels Yet?

Some of the groups may have already built one or two of your social channels by now.  If so, this blog is a great place to announce them.  Feel free to upload a screen shot and/or a link, in order to direct traffic from here over to your new channel.  It should help a little with SEO  as well.

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67 Days Until Graduation…Then What?

What are your plans after graduation?

      Find a new job?


      Spend more time with your family?


      Play more video games?


      Host more parties at your house?


      Travel the world?


      Work out and work off all that “$67K” ice cream you’ve eaten during school?


      Establish your own business?


      Renovate your house?


      Finish planning your wedding?


    Have a baby?

We’re almost there…

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Volunteer for the TMMBA and get free meals

Just a quick reminder after you graduate that if you come back and do a presentation, you get a free meal…

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A Note about “Good”

This came across my email today.  Thought I would forward it along, as it looks like great resource for anyone involved in a program with a social agenda.


Hey Jumo/GOOD people,

As a former member of Jumo, you’ve got just five days left to share your project with the community on GOOD Maker. Submit your project for social impact and you’ll be in the running to receive funding—plus you’ll have the chance to be featured on GOOD.

Submit your project idea by April 3rd. It’s easy: just upload a photo or video and write a paragraph telling us about the great work you’re currently doing or a new idea you want to implement. Inspire us with your creativity and we’ll help spread your message.

$500: Individuals and groups SUBMIT IDEA
$2,500: Organizations SUBMIT IDEA

Follow us on Twitter @GOODMkr
We’re constantly posting new Challenges on GOOD Maker. Follow us on Twitter to learn about current Challenges and to discuss exciting ideas for social change.

Let’s make good happen,

Jen Chiou
General Manager, GOOD Maker
Sign up here for monthly updates on upcoming GOOD Maker opportunities

Unfortunately, only U.S.-based individuals, groups and organizations may apply to current Challenges. In the meantime, we invite all GOOD community members to peruse submitted ideas and projects, make comments and ask questions, and help move forward the discussion on the proposed ideas for social change.

You’re receiving this email as a member of Jumo. Jumo merged with GOOD, and now we’re moving together to realize our shared vision.

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What should I blog about?

WordPress Blog set up – Check.

Now what?

Coming up with content ideas can be a major roadblock for businesses.  One way to generate new ideas is to ask yourself some questions.  Using a question as the basis of a post can stimulate ideas and help you generate the 200-500 words you need.   Here are some example questions to ask yourself?

  1. Why did my group decide to support this cause?
  2. What are some other great articles or web sites that describe the cause we are supporting?
  3. Who are some people that support the same cause, and why are they behind it?
  4. Has there been any recent news about your cause?  What is your reaction to that news?
  5. Have any other people or companies that support the same cause done anything really interesting lately? Is there news about them that you would want to comment on?
  6. Do any organizations that support the cause you are supporting have any upcoming events? Have they recently had an event? If so, will you go to it? Did anyone recently host an event? If so, did you go?
  7. Are there any videos on YouTube that support your cause? Can you embed them in a blog post and explain why the video is important?
  8. Is anyone you follow on Twitter writing any interesting blog posts that you want to recommend?

These are just 8 quick ideas to drive your content and editorial calendar forward.  Once you publish the blog posts, it’s easy to post them to Twitter and Facebook and drive more traffic to the post.

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This class is making me look like a genius at work

In the two sessions we have had so far, I have been able to recommend at least six tools and make two recommendations to our marketing team about how they can better leverage social media.  Social Media FTW!

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Social Media Links for Campaign Building

Here are some links we went over in class:

Facebook Pages:

Building Free (or Cheap) Facebook Tabs:
North Social:

URL Shorteners

Audience ID Tools
Follower Wonk:
Simply Measured:

Social Media Dashboards:

Name Chk:
Know Your Meme:

Facebook Advertising:

More Suggested Tools from Others:


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